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Alpha/Beta/Arc Team

If you would Like to be a Critter then continue below to decide which of my teams to join!

This is how I describe these various terms.

Alpha, Beta, ARC (Instagram Post).png

First Critter

An Alpha reader is someone who reads through an early draft of a manuscript. They search for plot holes, give feedback on scenes, and character development.

After edits Critter

A Beta Reader is someone who reads through a nearly finished manuscript. they give final feedback on pacing, character development and point out any plot issues that might have been missed

Alpha, Beta, ARC (Instagram Post) (1).png
Alpha, Beta, ARC (Instagram Post) (2).png

Advanced copy Critter!

An Arc Reader is someone who receives an Advanced Copy of a book. If they enjoy it they then review it on various platforms be it GoodReads, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, or their personal Blog.

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