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Lycoris in Moonlight

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Dark Fantasy Romance/Mythology retelling
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The daughter of a god of death.

The child that shouldn't exist.

Nin’s mother had warned her to never go to the Flame Festival, for the God's have laws against her life. Now Nin is a grumpy, world-wary almost thirty-year-old midwife. Her mother has passed away and her best friend begs her to go to the festival.

She attends, only to have her fated flame match with the last god she ever wanted to lay eyes on, Amun-Ra. Her mother's patron god, the one person her mother begged to come heal her in her time of need. Nin despises his pompous priss face and his cocky attitude until she learns the limits of his power and the demons that plague him.

Nin must now survive the year. The one problem? Someone knows both of her parents. He can unravel her secret in a moment and send the justices after her, resulting in execution. Will Nin submit to the pull of the flames and make it to the Eternal Ceremonies? or will the secret of her parents be brought to light?

Cover design by Mandi Lynn

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What readers are saying

Reedsy Reviewer

This was a fun re-working of the different pantheons of the world. Each pantheon is housed in their own section of the Citadel, and each member has their own temple. It's like one large, central Mount Olympus. And while there is the usual drama between the gods and goddesses of each pantheon (and of the world), this story portrays them in a more humanized manner. They have feelings and hopes and dreams and are far from the unfathomable, untouchable creatures we're used to seeing.

Goodreads Review

I was shocked how independent the main character is.

Goodreads Review

 A piece of my heart died for them at the end, I just wanted to see them happy. 

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