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Dark Fantasy Adventure

Dark Fantasy Romance

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The Tattered Realm Series

Embark on a thrilling journey through realms torn apart by a fae-turned-evil in this dark fantasy rollercoaster. Meet Cree, a relentless Berserker yearning for a family; Evin, a determined survivor hell-bent on returning home, and Calista, a Demon Fae on a mission to mend shattered worlds. Brace yourself for a heart-pounding mix of action, adventure, and a dash of romance as these unlikely heroes race against time to piece together a fractured reality.

Lycoris in Moonlight

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For nearly three decades, Nin steered clear of the opulent citadel and its extravagant celebrations. However, when her friends convince her to join the Flame festival, she unwittingly becomes entangled with the deity she loathes. Now, she must conceal her forbidden identity as a starseed – the offspring of a god and a witch. As Nin grapples with learning to love Amun-Ra and evading the one person privy to her secret, embark on a thrilling journey through this dark fantasy romance where passion collides with the shadows of divine lineage.

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Meet Kova, A dreamer from SoCal with a heart that beats in the darker side of fantasy. Amidst the chaos of four wildlings, a husband, and a cat with ambitions of world domination, she conjures tales that explore the shadows of imagination.

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