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The Scent of Dragon's Blood:
Tattered Realm Book 1

Dark Fantasy Paranormal Adventure

Cree has been on the run from the Dread behemoth King since she was a child for crimes her mother committed.

Crimes. . .

Her mother didn’t mean to.

Cree never thought she would fall for one of the knights that stalks her. . . let alone the captain that protects the king. But she did.

And now he’s cursed.

To keep them both safe, she hides in the realm behind The Mirror.

Humans are strange creatures, but in her short year in their realm, they have time and time again shown their kindness.

Until a Hunter finds her. And now her human friend, who has no idea how to protect herself, is in danger of the King and his knights.

At least she found a counter curse for her knight. . . maybe.

So what do you do when the knight in shining armor needs saving? You send in his hybrid monster girlfriend. . . and her squishy human friend to save the day.

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Cover design by Mandi Lynn

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Northern Lights

Readers are loving it!

Reedsy Reviewer

It's tragic how something so beautiful has been twisted into something so fearful, with Cree starting to run the moment Coven is near to stay alive instead of the "finding each other and trying to be closer" typical soulmates trope.

Goodreads Review

 The longing Cree has for her Knight softened the blow into this action-packed story for me and the love she has for her friends is so sweet.

Amazon Review

I loved this and finished it in one go!

and also. those witches can fight me!

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