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Hey, HI, Hello there!

Welcome to my hideaway! The final member of the Killian crew has entered the world and I am feeling more myself, but not well enough to get back to creating worlds quite yet.


As of September 1st I have started edits on the second edition of Lycoris, adding new scenes and reworking some of the scenes that now I see as clunky, so stay tuned for that. I've also started working on bonus scenes for the anniversary omnibus of the tattered realm series! It's happening! slowly but its happening!

If you would like to know when I'm back, head into the Tavern and sign up for my newsletter!

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The Tattered Realm Series

How would you fare in a world full of Banshees, Witches, and Monsters? How about if the barrier between our worlds tears apart letting them all spill through?

The Tattered Realm Series
favorite portrait

Torren- the Celestial

Celestials are a rare Werewolf. They say a star dies when one is born and that's why their fur is the night sky.

Lycoris in Moonlight

Would you take the chance to match with your favorite god? Would you still volunteer if you knew you might match with a god you hate?

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Lycoris in Moonlight
favorite portrait


Nyx- The queen of the gods

A fierce and protective goddess, even Zeus is afraid of her. But she fears retaliation and allows the gods to create the rules for their sections.

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