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About Me

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About me

     Step into the realm of dark enchantments, where the mystical scribe Kova Killian reigns. From the heart of Southern California, she weaves tales that defy the boundaries of reality. When she's not attending to her three wildlings, her bonus daughter, her feline familiar (secretly plotting world domination), and her husband (also harboring grand schemes), she's out and about.


     You'll often find her roaming Renaissance faires, where magic and mayhem collide. Or perhaps, she's embarked on an epic quest into the unknown, camping in magical places where the very earth seems to whisper ancient secrets. And when the moon graces the night sky, she's been known to meet a metal band or two.


     So, dear traveler, arm yourself with courage, unleash your inner bard, keep those tissues handy, and embark on a journey through the darkest, most fantastical corners of her imagination!

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