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About Me

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Brief introductions

I am a neurospicy Southern California native who writes fast paced fantasy with strong female leads that kick some ass.

Sometimes there's spice and sometimes there is only fade to black

*cough* The Tattered Realm Series *cough*

Also tends to write on the darker side.

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Wanna know a bit more?

What happens when a nerdy, renaissance fair attending, camping sorta goth, surfer, hippy girl finds a metalhead from the "wrong side of the tracks" who both love Disney, video games, metal bands and history?

You get us!

We started dating when I was 17, I would ride 2 buses to see him and him to me. We then had our oldest when I was 18 and that's where my writing to publish bug started.


Got married at 21, husband went through school to become a CNA and at 26 we had our youngest which is where the publishing bug started. I wanted my boys to be able to hold my books and say, "my mom wrote this." just like they can say, "my dad's a nurse."

Don't know how many more books my brain is gonna spit out but follow my journey and we'll see how many I can do.

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